Ultracoat Renewlt Remover


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Description ReNewlt Remover is a high-performance cleaning solution and polish remover. It is designed to remove polishes, stubborn dirt, oil and debris as the first step in preparing LVT, VCT, resilient, hardwood or bamboo flooring to be recoated with floor finish. After flooring is treated with Ultracoat ReNewlt Remover. It can be cleaned with Ultracoat ReNewlt Cleaner and then coated with Ultracoat ReNewlt Primer in preparation for a new floor finish

Features and Benefits

  • Works quickly to remove polish and contaminants
  • Ready to use, with no dilution required
  • Fresh scent and a light green color


  • Do not dilute. Ultracoat ReNewlt Remover comes ready to use
  • Do not mix with Ultracoat ReNewlt Cleaner
  • Do not flood the flooring surface with the solution
  • Do not use as part of a recoating system for oil-treated or wax-finished floors.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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